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Urine Ping Satu?

Bah anyone going to Siberia anytime should be aware of this mushroom drink. Apparently drinking this Amanita muscaria mushroom will give you a feeling of euphoria and hallucinations (same with syabu lah this).

BUT… if you drink it directly, you will also get the side effects such as nausea, twitching, and an increase sweat and saliva output (guess syabu is better huh?). But don’t worry, the local Koryak tribe has found the perfect filter, human kidneys!

Yes, all those substances that cause the negative effect will be removed by the kidneys, leaving only the good stuff. So you just have to get one person to drink it first, pee it, then you drink it. I guess they have to play “paper scissor rocks” to choose who will be the first one to drink it kan hehe.

Here’s something from the article

In the Koryak tribe in Siberia it is customary for an individual who consumes the mushrooms to save his or her urine in a pot for others to drink.

I have to add that you try not to drink other “unhealthy” stuff during the day before you leave your urine for others ya?

There are some more.. err unpleasing information from the site

In June 2001, a Chinese news feed reported that more than three million Chinese people drink their own urine to stay healthier. This practice is called Urine Therapy, and its promoters credit urine with a number of curative powers.

My dad ever told me about this practise when I was a kid and I didn’t know he told 3 million other people in China!

Anyway, since China (and chinese in general) are always in the lead in sporting events and business dealings, I guess they must be doing something right.

Would you start drinking your own urine? Let me know :D

Source Article : Urine for a treat

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  1. tommygirl says:

    No! ;-p


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