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Ya think ya so fly wif dem keyboards?

Well I do hehe. After 10 years of typing codes, chatting and emailing (and now blogging), my typing speed can rival a trained typist. My nephews are always impressed by the speed of my typing and i don’t even need to look at the keyboards.

Ya I know, I think most of you do too but I still have one more bonus point, I am still not wearing any reading glasses hehe. *phew* i’m glad my eyesight is still ok. actually i didn’t realise this until mimi saw me in lil italy a few weeks back with my colleagues and she noticed that i’m the only one without any glasses on.

Okay back to my typing, knowing a few handy shortcuts to open up windows can also be used to impress your friends (when they are at your side in front of the PC). For example, when you want to bring up the Windows Explorer, you just go and press Winkey + E and when your friend goes “aikk?”, makes you feel smarter than them and a little geekier (donno if that’s a good thing to you but to me it is :D ).

Some of my favourite windows key short-cuts are

WinKey + E : Windows explorer window.
WinKey + M : Minimise all windows
WinKey + Shift + M : Maximise all windows
WinKey + PageBreak : System Properties

Oh the WinKey is the key with the windows icon on it (between Ctrl and Alt left hand side)
Those keys are off course, in addition to the general ones like

Winkey : Start Menu
Alt-F4 : Close Window
F1 : Help
F2 : Rename
Ctrl-x : Cut
Ctrl-c : Copy
Ctrl-v : Paste
Ctrl-arrow key : Skip a word (when moving through a text document)
Ctrl-Shift-arrow key : Copying a whole word instead of character by character
Ctrl-Home : Go to the first line in a document
Ctrl-End : Go to the last line in a document

Hhhmmm that’s all that i can think of now. You can the link below for more windows short cuts!

Page Source : Fix My XP

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  1. mimi says:

    ya, not wearing any reading glasses but ppl sit right behind him oso didnt see :-(

  2. mrbadak says:

    “radar” sia off klau sumandak duduk sama husband bah.. tulah perasan kao ada kekeke


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