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Thinking of dating a developer?

This blog entry is by a lady who’s dating an apple developer – hehe – I chuckled when he said “Ruby and Pearls” are not what you think hehe. Only programmers will get that.

Eventhough I always bring my work home because of “impatient” clients, I always go to sleep at 1 or the latest at 2am. Only a few times did I accidentally slept in front of my monitor.

I don’t know how my wife’s entry will be like if she has a blog hehe. More than half of my time at home is spent in my small PC room and with our new house completing in 2007, I’ve started to talk to her about having a small (but bigger than now) PC room.

Link : Dating an apple developer

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  1. Ed says:

    “Ruby and Pearls” are not what you think hehe;

    hehehe, if Ruby & Perl(s) bulih bikin hantaran kawin hehehe


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