House Developers Public Report Card

Buying a house in Malaysia? If you are worried that you’ll end up like those folks who beg for their politicians to help them to get their house keys on the prime-time TV3 news, well now you can check againts a list of companies that has been fined nationwide for many wrongdoings online.

Taken from The Star website.

The website contains postings on offences committed by errant developers and court charges brought against them under the Housing Development (Control And Licensing) Act 1966 (Amendment 2002) from January 2003 to September this year.

The list are in downloadable PDF files and available from Housing and Local Government Ministry?s website.

Links :
Housing and Local Government Ministry, Star News


  1. Ed says:

    wahahaha susah sudah mo jadi developer camni …

  2. retard says:

    the info could be a lot more useful if they just had 1 list with developer names in one column and pending cases, complaints, etc in the next column.

    instead, now you have to check all 5 lists to see if a developer is credible.

    reminds me of a time long ago when i have to photocopy ic/passport/birth cert to submit to government departments when making applications considering the government is the one issuing these documents. doesn’t make sense.

    oh wait… it’s still the same now. :)