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It’s good to know some wrestling moves

Advice for ladies, when you are in the elevator. Don’t stand facing the door with your handbag on the outside as in the following picture.

The above is a screen grab from a security camera. So what happens is that the guy will grab the handbag and make a dash for it.

But for this blog entry, there’s a happy ending to this episode.

Apparently the guy picked the wrong lady to mess with.

Ouch. She probably broke the guy’s neck and spine. Probably the lady is a big fan of WWE.

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  1. T_Rex1301 says:

    Mana bah link pi aku punya blog .. ???

  2. mrbadak says:

    mana aku mau link sama blog yg baru ada 2 entry kekekeke.

  3. Ed says:

    hullamak punya la wrestling betul heheheh

  4. Dean says:

    Wowzess,…. bulih tahan dia gusti! Ini mesti jenis perempuan yang geragas punya!

  5. ouch! Aduh Salihaaa….. Sakitnya. But seems like that ‘lady’ could be undercover police or security. So strong? I remember 1 movie acted by Sylvester Stallone as old lady yg handle kes ‘pick bag’ by motorcycle…. anyway, ouccchh! Sah memang sakit tulang blakang la…

  6. T_Rex1301 says:

    Aduii telampau juga bah … masih baru lagi bah tuh .. kau tau lah orang baru baru saja belajar nie .. ini macam sia buang lah link di tempat aku tuh , ganti sama berita harian baru kau tau .. hehehehheeh

  7. TS says:

    wakkakaka,padan muka c perampok!nice 1 by that ganaz gurl

  8. tommygirl says:

    ya lah… are u sure that’s a GIRL??

    won’t mind learning that ‘move’ tho… hehehe..

  9. Fran says:

    nah!! Baru tau the thief wannabe. Alleluia.

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