Unscrupulous price

Retail price and unscrupulous price.

If the pic is not clear, the printed price on the magazine is RM5.90 but the price tag by the shop owner is RM7.30.

The magazine is OK! Malaysia, the celebrity gossip magazine. This is not new actually. Lots of other magazines is actually higher than the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) for East Malaysia.

Anyway, I’m enjoying my Deepavali and Raya holidays. Taking a lot of rest at home though my sister in law’s grandma passed away this afternoon. She’s a 100 years old! Born in 1905. My condolence to her.


  1. ADZ says:

    Ko yg ambil gambar ni ka? One question in my head? Tu Taukeh ta’ nampak ko ambil de gambar ke? heheheh… klu dia nampak dia ingat ko mungkin dari CASH ka, Hal Pengguna ka…. mangkali ….

  2. DocJj says:

    Wah… its because of the ‘fuel’ price ehh… heheh

  3. Dora Alias says:

    kk memang gitu, itu pasal org semananjung bilang sabahan kaya…. lolzzz

  4. LAi says:

    kekeke….mcm d center or d wisma ja ko ambik gambar ni… :p

  5. mrbadak says:

    Pic taken in newstand in Beverly Hills, outside Milimewa :P