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Print your own Star Wars masks

TrooperAnother halloween treat. The website I am about to refer to gives you the chance to download any or all of the characters from the Star Wars trilogy and print them out as masks.

They have Yoda, Chewbacca, Amidala and Anakin as well. I think the Trooper on the left is cool.

In Malaysia we don’t go around asking for candies but if you or your kids are a fan of this movie, then it doesn’t hurt to print the masks for them. You can be a kid again too. Get a torchlight as your light sabre and you are ready to go to battle. Make that zzzinnnggg or zzaannggg sound of the sword swooshing with your mouth.

Speak directly to an oscillating stand-fan and say “Luke…I ammmm yourrr faathheerrrrr” (like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy). I can’t print this out for my Jordan yet. I know if I use the mask and showed it to him, the first thing he’ll do is poke his finger through the eyeholes which will cause me to curse like yoda “see i cant! see i cant! my eye he poked!”.

You think Bat Leung-Gum should permanently stick this to his face?

.. but then again he’s been getting roles in movies right? I am sure he didn’t sleep with the producers to get the acting part… or maybe he threatened to sleep with the producers unless they give him the part.. oh well.. whatever works for him.

They say ‘don’t fix it if it ain’t broken’… or ugly for that matter ;))

Website Link : More character masks here.

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