Unhappy birthday to you… unhappy birthday to youu..

Do you know that if you sing the “Happy Birthday” tune in public you are infringing on a copyrighted song?

That means you have to pay a fine or worse.. jailed! On the following website you can read on how to go about celebrating a birthday party without breaking the law.

Excerpts from UnhappyBirthday.com

Did you know Happy Birthday is copyrighted and the copyright is currently owned and actively enforced by Time Warner?

Did you know that if you sing any copyrighted song:
…at a place open to the public
…or among a substantial number of people who are not family or friends

You are involved in a public performance of that work?
Did you know an unauthorized public performance is a form of copyright infringement?

So now you know. Probably we need to whisper the song so strangers won’t hear it cuz if they do, it’s a public performance. Better still, just ask the bday boy/girl to blow the candles and get it over with.

Link : unhappybirthday.com


  1. Victor. says:

    Actually, it varies by jurisdiction. It’s legal to sing it in public IN MALAYSIA.

    But, the song will become public domain in 2030.

    Ergo, in another 22 years, you’ll be able to sing your precious song without any fear of persecution.