Bat Leung-Gum

Do you know who’s this Bat Leung-Gum?

No.. he’s not the chinese batman. He’s a famous actor from Hong Kong.

Well I won’t say famous lah if you don’t know him from his name but once you see his picture, you would say “oooooooooooohhh this guy!!!”.

His distinguished feature is… ermm.. his face is err… well u check it out yourself.

Hereeeee is Mr Bat.

You know him?

You see his description from

Bat Leung-Gum AKA: Bobby Yip Kin-Sang – actor – famous ugly person

Okay, nuff said. More pictures on the following link.

Link :


  1. retard says:

    the tai lalat macam is phua chu kang punya. brothers maybe.

    looking at his film credits, i counted quite a number of romance movies he was in. not bad for someone perceived as an ugly actor. :)

  2. Zirbad says:

    aisss, dia pula.. muka famous, nama ta-famous.
    Sia rasa dia ni ada darah DUsun ni… klu inda pun, Iban.

  3. mimi says:

    hehehehh… sia pun betul2 tecakap ?oooooooooooohhh this guy!!!?… dis guy reminds me of tu pelakun “God Must Be Crazy” ooo…dunno y…

    btw, zirbad, ni org mcm org yg di ulu2 ooo kan? hehehhhhh

  4. Dean says:

    Macam pernah saya nampak gini punya muka di tamu tau!

  5. Zirbad says:

    I found this SASAT somewhere.. heheheh

  6. DocJj says:

    Uiii… that guy kah…. very familiar face lah…

  7. dogo says:

    hensem bah apaaaa

  8. tommygirl says:

    nah kan…

    sia pun bilang “ohhh dis guy….”