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Halloween Special : Krypt Kiddies

Halloween DollsI don’t celebrate Halloween but I found a few interesting sites about this hellish “festival” and I’m gonna blog about them in the next few days. For a start, here’s a rather scary looking doll which I might say, looks scarier than Chucky (which somehow turned funny in his latest flick).

They have a bunch of these dolls for sale. Check it out on their website.

Link : Krypt Kiddies Series 2

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  1. Zirbad says:

    Cute but looks scary for children. Also maybe for some adult [sia inda lah].
    pist: urang tua¬≤ bilang urang pregnant nda bleh bawa tidur patung, apa lagi klu patung yg bogini…

  2. mimi says:

    heheh… incredible hulk punya baby ka yg the green one tu??? or frankenstein punya :D

  3. tommygirl says:

    uiinahh…. aku nda paham lah sama omputeh ni..

    y celebrate such a scary festival??


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