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Tricks to remember names

remember people's name

Do you find it hard to remember other people’s name? Well I’m worse, sometimes I don’t even remember the name AND the face. You know lah, you see someone smiling at you, you returned a hesitant smile but inside your head its like “aiyaa who’s that oledi ahhh?” (and if that’s a hot gal its like “SH*T! SIAPA TU AH! WHY IS SHE SMILING AT ME! SHOULD I APPROACH HER!?!” – errr waktu bujang la ;)) ).

But usually we can remember a person when something bad or funny is associated with that person.

Person 1 : ko ingat ka si ahchai?
Person 2 : ahchai mana lagi ni?
Person 1 : alaaa.. yang hari tu kluar dari jamban zip tebuka tu bah!
Person 2 : ooohhh ituuuu.. ahchai ka nama dia tu?

but clearly we can’t associate everyone with any event that is memorable so that is why you should read CNN’s article on “Tricks to remembering names” – it’s just some simple tips when you are being introduced to someone new.

This is Tip #6.

6. Use it frequently: Try to use the name three or four times during your conversation. Use it when you first meet, when you ask a question and in your departure, e.g., “Daniel, it was a pleasure talking to you. Maybe we’ll get a chance to chat again sometime.”

So, I think I’ll go like this when a new staff is being introduced in the office.

Staff 1 : Jeff, this is AhLook, our new programmer. AhLook, this is Jeff.
Me : Hi AhLook.
AhLook : Hi Jeff.
Me : Welcome to the company AhLook.
AhLook : Thanks.
Me : Well – hope to see you around again AhLook.
AhLook : Ya sure.
Me : Don’t forget to check your zippers when you come out of the toilet ok AhLook?
AhLook : :-/ errr.. ooo-kay.
Me : Okay AhLook – you may go now AhLook.
Staff 1 : stop it.
Me : Okay. Bye AhLook.
AhLook : Yeah bye.
Staff 1 : minta puji oh dia ni!

Okay now I am sure AhLook will remember me instead hehe.

Link : CNN’s Tricks to remembering names

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  1. Dora says:

    hahahaha… good way of remembering names, for me ingat atau tidak selalu ja kata “Hi Kawan”, kalau sia cakap bahasa lah, kalau sia berbahasa inglis konon sia pakai “Hi Buddy” lolzz… sopan lah tu konon janji sia tidak panggil diorang “Oii!!” atau “Anu! Anu!” lolzz.

    Mula2 jumpa saudara laki sia pun sia tidak ingat langsung nama diorang, apa tidak talampau banyak sangat “Angah”, “Alang”, Pak Utih”, Mak Utih, Pak Teh, Mak Teh, Mak SU, Pak Su, nasip bukan PASU BUNGA lolzz, Along, haiyaaaa banyak mcm lah tapi sekarang sia hentam ja panggil, kalau salah diorang kasi betul lah siapa suruh talampau banyak, sia anak tunggal jadi laki senang ja ingat, dlm famili sia dia ingat bapa dan mak mertua saja hehehe…

    Lagi kadang2 bila sia malas kalau sia panggil2 bapa mertua sia, dia ckp org putih gia so anak2 dia bahasakan dia “Dad” so kalau sia panggil makan dia tidak dengar, sia teriak ja panggil “Bapa Mentua ooo Bapa Mentua!!” ketawa mama mertua sia sebab dia bilang 1st time dia dengar menantu panggil gitu, bah memang betul lah bah panggilan diorang “Bapa Mentua atau Mama Mentua” kan.

    oklah Jeff… sia ingat mau adapt lah teknik ingat nama org ni.

  2. Dora Si says:

    Hi Mr Badak,just curious,are u the one from LUVs? Somehow I found your blog and pop u a mess,hehe. Very nice and neat blog :).

  3. mrbadak says:

    wah double dose of Dora..

    to Dora (the kadazan sasat in spore) – wooww you sure do type a lot! kalau face to face ko byk cakap ka? kekekekeke…

    to Dora Si (the sarawakian sasat in KL) – yes i am the ‘mrbadak’ of LUVs.. i am sponsoring the website and domain though im not that active there.. thx for dropping by.

  4. Dora Si says:

    Thks for replying.Mind if I link your blog to my blog?My blog is I really like your blog :).Thanks for helping us when the website was down.Sincere appreciated.

  5. mrbadak says:

    Dora Si – yeah of course i dont mind about the link :-P …oooh the other day when the web went dead i couldnt figure out wats wrong but gogds helped me sorted things out. i heard the news were lost tho. sorry bout that.

  6. Dora says:

    Badak….mmg sia banyak cakap, laki sia pun cakap sia ni ada never ending story ada saja sia cakap lolzzz!! bah bagitulah bah kalau dibagi mulut, suara sama otak bolehlah cakap byk byk, kalau mcm org yg kana bagi mulut tapi tiada suara amacam? sunyi kan…. (pikir sebentar….) Ada juga org di bagi mulut dgn suara tapi tiada utak….ish ish ish… Double Dose lagi ni… hehehe…baik sia stop dulu.

  7. orgkampung says:

    hahaaha bagus juga tu . saya mmg ada problem ingat nama org.


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