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Jessica Biel – sexiest woman alive 2005.


Jessica Biel has beaten sexy Angelina Jolie and also ‘Friends’ hottie Jennifer Aniston as the sexiest woman alive as pronounced by Esquire magazine.

i didn’t know who’s this Jessica Biel and unless you’ve been watching American channels, you won’t know too. I’ve searched for her pics and here i share some – nudes are excluded :) .

For me, Angelina Jolie still is sexier than her. Her charity works also add some bonus points :)

More pics of Jessica on the next page.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

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  1. Dean says:

    OOOINAH! Sexy gila…… you can find her in action in “Blade, Trinity”, where she kicks vampires Azz!

  2. Ed_rief says:

    stealth pun dia main jugak

    arghhhhh puasa ni ndak bleh layan mata sangat :D kekekeke

  3. mac 23 says:

    cun gila ni beb…padan la dia menang itu title….sexy giler!!!

  4. tommygirl says:

    ummm… dia famous main wayang apa ah??

  5. mrbadak says:

    tommygirl, tuu dorang cakap blade:trinity sama stealth.. both sia ndada tgk keke.. padan la sia nda kenal..

  6. Joyce says:

    I think she i know her 1st when she was in the tv series 7th heaven…im sure U guys seen that. She was also in at this teenager-like movie “Summer Catch” with Freddie Prinze Jr. I think i saw her also at music video for Aerosmith’s song ‘Fly Away’. Sooo hot there..!!

  7. tommygirl says:

    hehe.. i shud say, wayang famous apa yg dia main?? maybe that’ll give me a clue of why she’s err.. ‘hot’…?!

  8. mrbadak says:

    7th heaven – errr ndak perna tgk pulak. summer catch pun ndada tgk.. aerosmith punya video music ‘fly away’.. is dat the one with liv tyler?

    bah tunggu she stars in any blockbuster movie la.


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