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what the..?

ok before you think i’ve lost some screws in my head, actually that’s hawaiian for “skin peeling or falling off after either sunburn or heavy drinking”. i guess if you live in hawaii you need to have a word for that.

how about “Narachastra Prayoga”? In Sanskrit in means “men who worship their own sexual organs”. Yikes – luckily i don’t know anyone like that :P.

you can get more weird vocabulary in different language if you buy the book titled ” Weird and wonderful vocabulary from around the world”. On this book review page, a few favourites has been selected and there are four malay words featured there. Don’t know how many are in the book though.

here are some of my favourites :

A girl who looks as though she might be pretty when seen from behind, but isn’t when seen from the front.
*hey i know a lot of bakku-shans!!

To murder somebody, bury their body, then grow some flowers over the grave in order to conceal it.
*but what kind of flowers? :P

A person who leaves a restaurant without paying.
*must be happening a lot in germany huh?

find your own fav weird foreign vocab!

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  1. LAi says:

    hehe…betul tu… BAKKU-SHAN….akakakaka…

    nti sia mo guna la ni perkataan..bakku-shan…belakang mantap..rebonding lagi…sekali pusing…trus teduduk o…



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