Malaysian e-conman nabbed.

After cheating people of almost RM200K, the online fraudster who’s name was published as Mohd. Shahrilwan Bin Mohd. Sidek has finally been caught after much online publicity by the Lowyat.Net community.

After keeping a low profile since his photos were published in April, he got back into his groove this month and managed to take someone’s RM6K, deal was made online but money was transferred by hand. Don’t ask me why the fella passed his money first and waited for him near his car to give him the product he’s buying *roll eyes*. Well he still managed to get away but they caught a pic of his car though.

So a quick police report was made and he was caught. Already bailed out by his dearest mommy, the police are compiling all cases againts him. From what I read in the forums, they say he is handicapped (he cant walk properly) but he still managed to rush into his car and ran away (probably he faked it).

So careful people. There are always people trying to make you part with your money and errrr always keep your camera-phone in standby mode when you are dealing some serious transaction – just in case.

Here’s his moment of fame – a pic of him in the police station.


  1. pinolobu says:

    reminds me of the movie Usual Suspects