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Today’s the day to shout “Happy Bday Malaysia!”

flag42 years or 48 years? That was the question some of the Sabah politicians raised recently in the media. Their argument was that Malaysia was formed in 1963 and not 1957.

Personally I’m not really picky about the age of our independence. Maybe it’s like being a rakyat, no matter how long you were born after the independence you are still proud of it because you are a Malaysian.

But what should be stressed to the public and preferably, taught in schools in the country, not only in East Msia, is that Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak together with Malaya formed Malaysia. Of course Spore left. We didn’t join Malaysia. There was no Malaysia before 16th Sept 1963 :)

Why is it most Sabahans (that i know of) are sensitive over this issue?

Is it because people are still asking if Sabahans still live on trees? Yes. Some people over the south china sea think we are still living on trees. Hmmm.. hopefully the wind doesn’t blow too hard tonight or else my pentium will fall over the branch and land on top of my buffalo which i use to go to work!

Another friend of mine, who went to KL was asked by someone, how long he intended to stay in Malaysia(?). What the eff! When is Sabah not part of Malaysia?

Seriously folks. It was only a few months ago when Dr Max Ongkili was on RTM1 talking about Sabah and Sarawak, then somebody called in and asked what is the currency used in Sabah!

Dr Max should have answered we dropped the leaves and started using clams instead.

How do you feel? Do you feel you are rated like a 2nd class citizen when you’re in west malaysia? What about visitors from the west.. you have any comment on this?

Anyway, that’s not the point of my blog. My point is… today *is* the day to say Happy Birthday Malaysia! Happy holidays everyone! We deserve it!

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  1. Mel says:

    We have the same insight on this issue. But I think I raise this issue too often it probably bugs people around me all the time. I just can’t drop it. I can’t. It seems wrong to be so insensitive, indifferent & ignorant about the truth of Malaysia’s birth.

    1st..I keep telling people that Malaysia’s Independance Day is not 31st August 1957 coz we weren’t independant yet up till 1963. 2nd…My sis had the same question thrown to her “Bile nak balik Malaysia?” (whenever she goes back for the hols at Tuaran).Or people would ask if she lived on trees… (up yours!)

    Luckily no one has asked me that yet. I would have ‘laser’ answers for them.

  2. Kadazan not so sasat says:

    First, am also a Kadazan (75% la) from the foot of Mt. Kinabalu. I do speak my mothertongue but only an SPM level la, he…he…he.
    Now about Malaysia issue those who think that Malaysia is now 48 instead of 42 must be really stooopid or don’t want to accept the fact that Sabah and Sarawak “made” Malaysia…see my point?
    Those who think that Sabahan still live on trees are those who live in deploreable “sulaps” just like their mentality level..silaka butul..buduuu!!!
    At least our “trees” are more comfortable and equipped with modern facilities including satellite tvs and abundance of food.
    Guess who are starving and depend on welfare to survive???? Yeahh….butul tu…

  3. Rem says:

    Yes, we share the same sentiment here. Just surf around, and observe the Malaysian blogging community. How many enthusiastically blogged on the August, 31st (needless to say that they also proudly glorified it as the 48th year of Malaysia’s independence)? How many blog today with equal enthusiasm and sentiment? See, Borneo is a forgotten land! :)

    These people argue who should be the real father of Malaysia: TAR, Chin Peng, Burhanuddin Helmy, etc. Why nobody ever mentions Tun Fuad Stephen? If he didn’t put enough effort in concincing Sabahans to join ‘gagasan Malaysia’, Malaysia utself will never be formed as it is now. And, it was speculated that Tun Fuad was actually murdered (and it was not a plain accident). Why he was murdered? (Kononnya) partly because he was targeted by the ‘separatists’. See, this guy ‘berkorban nyawa’ (literally) demi mendaulatkan gagasan Malaysia. And yet, most Malaysians don’t even know him, let alone to recognize his contribution as one of the ‘parents of Malaysia’!

  4. Kadazan not so sasat says:

    Yeah…most leaders today have forgotten the leaders of Sabah and Sarawak who were significant in the birth of Malaysia. And this include… sadly…many of our present state leaders who have to “toe the line” cos ….origin from across the South China Sea…bla…bla…you know what I mean,laaaaa. Malas mau cakap ba…sendiri buduuuu… Most should have been given the title of PGDK for being BIG TRAITORS to their own kind during yesterday’s TYT’s birthday.
    I guess the contributions of the likes of Donald Stephen and Steven Kalong Ningkan are only for the shake of history texts in school.
    Tidak pa laaaa….most important we Sabahan and Sarawakian alike, we never…never…forget them.
    Sometimes I start to wonder…we would have been better if we had GONE IT ALONE…got it???

  5. menj says:

    Thank God I never asked those silly questions :D

    – MENJ

  6. dean says:

    Look on the bright side,… Sabahans in Sabah enjoy Aug 31st and Sept 16th as a public holiday,… not like Sabahans in other states,…for example, lets say, err … Johor!

    But check this out,.. when I introduced myself as Sabahan,… I still occasionally get the response,…”Oh! you are Iban right?”

    Kalau gitu, macam mana?

  7. minority says:

    yeah the ‘livin it high on trees’ is a perennial favourite.

    Another one:
    “korang datang sini naik flight?”

    Anyway kudos to west Malaysians who stop to think before they utter lame small talk phrases like that!

    Anyway to easterners and westerners alike, belated happy Malaysia Day

  8. […] Kadazan Sasat : Today’s the day to shout “Happy Bday Malaysia!” […]

  9. orgkampung says:

    sorry lah sia indak pandai sgt english tp mau komen skit bleh bah kan. bagi saya lah bangsa kita masih di jajah oleh bangsa lain. kita masih belum merdeka, kenapa perlu semenanjung? kita org sabah boleh berdikari sendiri. lihat lah hasil bumi kita abis di sedut oleh kerajaan perseketuan. alasan nya mudah sahaja supaya kita tidak boleh membenrontak menubuhkan negara sendiri? apa yg tinggal di bumi kita? balak mau abis, minyak tinggal sikit? tapi kita punyai otak yg lebih bagus dari dorang. kita ada budaya kita sendiri yang lebih terbilang dan gemilang. sampai bila pemikiran kita di jajah oleh melayu. mereka semua nya perlukan peruntukkan kerajaan. macam2 keistimewaan mereka. buat apa kita bergantung kpd org lain. saya yg tiada sekolah tinggi ni kalau di panggil berjuang untuk kemerdekaan org sabah bila2 saja boleh mengadaikan nyawa dan darah utk sabah. ingat lah kita masih di jajah?

  10. tagaas says:

    Butul tu orgkampung. Tapi sedihnya ramai juga orang kita yang sanggup jadi palui sokong parti orang dari sana malaya. Perasan lah tu…macam la dorang tu orang dr sana..dasar penghianat samua. jadi tu KL pun inda susah-susah buat kerja kotor dorang. Ada orang tempatan sendiri yang sanggup jadi tali barut dorang untuk kepentingan peribadi…amat menyedihkan…kan?


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