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this is an advice. if you receive a letter or an email saying you’ve won millions of dollars, throw it away ya? they’re just trying to get your money especially if you didn’t join any lottery of any kind. well a lawyer fell for it. yes a lawyer.

She was told she won 3M Ringgit in Spain but she has to pay fees for the insurance and tax.

Pathmeswary, who is in her 30s, borrowed from loan sharks after being told that she had to pay close to RM100,000.

“I paid RM91,000, of which RM80,000 was borrowed. ”
“My family members had to pawn their jewellery to give me a loan but it still wasn’t enough and I had to borrow from friends as well,” she said.

She borrowed another RM20,000 from loan sharks to cover the full amount.

Read this article : The Star

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  1. yo says:

    so it’s NOT restricted to blondes.


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