let your secret out and feel good.

they say everyone has skeletons inside their wardrobe, mine are just clothes and undies. anyway, most people have deep, dark secrets and vowed to bring them to their graves. however your soul will be tortured if you don’t share it with others.. but then if you share it, it’s not a “dark” secret anymore isn’t it?

well – over at postsecret.blogspot.com, you can send your deepest secret using a homemade postcard and they will publish it online for the whole world, err internet to see. so you can tell everyone while still keeping it a secret. judging from the testimonials that people send, sometimes they feel “relieved” when they see their own secret there.

i’ve been reading all of the posted secrets cuz its fascinating to see what kind of secrets people have and sometimes you wonder if you know that person. some secrets made me glad that i don’t have that secret, especially those who was abused or dumped. some are just plain funny while others a bit of a surprise like this


and funny like this..

anyway, go and have a look, who knows, you might want to share yours!
Link : http://postsecret.blogspot.com/