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make your own gun in the office.

how many times do you feel like strangling the life out of someone in the office? there are a lot of butt-kissers running around here as well and sometimes i just want to hurt them.. and i mean physically hurt them.

i mean, you can always scratch their car in the parking lot (which i don’t do :P) but it’s not satisfying as to hear them groan in agony and pain, while rolling on the office floor and the blood all smudged on their face. alamak.. ganas jugak sia. kekeke.

anyway, some wise guys created a website that teaches you how to make guns out of office supplies.. their latest one is a laser-pointed pencil gun.

ass kissers be gone!

PLEASE! if you are caught by the police for voluntarily manslaughter, please refer to this website instead of my blog. thanks.


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  1. Lynn D says:

    how bout just giving them a tight slap. that way you can get away with no dangerous weapon and you can blame your reflexes..hahhaha “sorree sia tertampar dia habis he hit a nerve betul…relfex ba tu boss…bukan sengaja..”

  2. mrbadak says:

    ah.. slap tu sakit skijap.. what we want is extreme pain hehe..

  3. Scarface87 says:

    Why dont you just by a clock its cheap on the streets.Wait outside in a car with a ski mask..but you have to study the target for weeks.pick a day and pick a time.dont talk cause po-po listen.and PLEASE make sure the crime scene is clean.

  4. Uzi says:

    Why dont you just by a clock its cheap on the streets
    You spelled “Glock” wrong smart one.


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