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ok. it is no secret that everybody wants to be rich.. filthy rich. when i was 24 years old, i promise myself that by the time i’m 30, i’ll be so rich i don’t have to work already. i’m 5 months short of letting myself down.

but aaaanyway, i’ve read a lot of self-help and motivational book over the years and usually they asked you to get something to push you on, some sort of motivational slogan or phrase.

well – i think this one works out fine for me.

Casino gaming manager Robert Whitehall, who filed the affidavit on May 29, 2003, said the lowest amount that the Malaysian politician had gambled was £700,000 (RM4.66mil) on Feb 15 2002. Even then, he lost £600,000 (RM3.99mil).

Then in just one day, on Sept 9, 2002, Osu gambled away £2.06mil (RM13.72mil) and lost £1.75mil (RM11.65mil).

ndak habis-habis pasal Osu! ya lah.. sebab ndak habis-habis cerita pasal dia sana news! that was taken from The Star online.

ohman – he’s so rich! if only i am his best friend’s neighbour 3rd cousin’s classmate’s son.. i could petition for my name to be included in his will and ask for 1% of his estate. that is of course, if he’s not declared bankrupt lah.

so, does that statement gets you roaring to do or finish your work? well i know it did for me.. at least this morning lah. now.. macam malas suda.. maybe cuz it’s monday or maybe i think i’m in the wrong career industry.. or maybe it’s because im a bumiputera (ko tau lah – pemalas bah bumi ni).. ish susah jugak ni – alang-alang jadi politician lah! kekeke.

Read the full article from The Star : How Osu frittered away those millions (there are more articles at the bottom of that page)

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  1. pinolobu says:

    but…most likely the money’s not his to start with.
    also dont forget that another guy much richer than osu is around borneo somewhere…

  2. pinolobu says:

    forget Osu, there’s a bigger controversy now – APs.
    Nasimuddin – now that’s a rich guy. In 2005 got 12,000 APs. If RM20,000 each, that makes RM240 million PER YEAR. Osu’s RM158 million lost in TOTAL pales in comparison.


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