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make good use of your cameraphone

the aftermath of the London bombing, many of the pictures used by journalists are not taken by themselves but by ordinary people, caught up in the situation and used their camera phones or digital camera.

With inexpensive cameras everywhere, including increasingly in cell phones, we’re seeing more searing images than ever of human drama. The chances of getting poignant amateur video, meanwhile, are improving radically.

: from wired news :

i think we should be wise in using this technology that is available to us. ya lah, we don’t have bombings here (palis-palis and i pray that there never will be). we can use it as a medium of reporting jugak.

if you read the papers, you would see complaints being published everyday. complaint againts government lah, tukang pungut sampah DBKK la, dentist lah, counter staff lah etc etc.

so why not, when you feel you are wronged (ngam ka ni?), just take out your cameraphone and snap.

you go to a govt service counter, they have 6 counters but 5 are closed. only 1 counter opened. you saw the staffs at the coffee shops still puffing their cigarettes and reading newspapers with their glass of nescafe halfway through. its 10am. *snap*.

you see a car jumping queue on the road – *snap*.

baru lah puas hati. what if we have a website that we can publish this picture anonymously? wahh powerrrrr. bagus sia buat ni website *devilish grin*.

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  1. mimi says:

    you see a car jumping queue on the road – *snap*.

    i love doing this! especially now kan… jam everywhere. heheh… ada juga yg notice ooo sia ambil gambar, cepat2 balik pi tempat asal. hehehhhh…

  2. […] last month i blogged about using your cameraphone for effective purposes like catching temperamental govt workers and also road bullies. […]


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