Osu says O-shit.

osu in a suityep. i guess that’s what the former chief minister of sabah has been mumbling all day long. since the media exposed his gambling debts 3 days ago, the info and brouhaha kept coming in. yesterday christina liew from the keadilan party asked to check if he gambled his money when he was the CM of Sabah. today it was further revealed yesterdat that he lost around 28million ringgit in gambling! with Msia’s CEO, Pak Lah saying Osu failed as a leader, he’s even saying ‘o-shit’ in his sleep.

well.. 28 million??? gila kau! let me take a deep breath……

28 MILLION??? man i’ve got to take up smoking cuz i think i’m pretty mad at this bastard. no i’m not saying he ripped the people’s money – that’s the court’s task to prove it.

but do u know what a SINGLE million ringgit can do to the kampung folks?

anyway, i am mad and laughing at this bloke. how can you lose 28 million? he lost all that in a span of few years. looks like someone *really* needs gambling lessons or at least, the will to say “no”.

i’d recommend him a few books though. let’s start a fund to help this poor gambler. here are some books that would make a good b’day present.

Book for Idiots Book for Idiots 2

i mean, since everyone will start bashing him in the media til next month, let’s help him instead. i mean, who doesn’t gamble? i gamble too – though if my losses reaches RM20 i’d quit.

everyone gambles
even squirrels gamble their nuts (i mean their food)

anyway, osu’s favourite movie must be God of Gamblers… emmm sadly he turned out to be the God of Pathetic Gamblers. he’s praying that the media will expose someone else with debt more than 28 million!


  1. pinolobu says:

    when i blogged about this, i wrote OS vs OS i.e. Mr OS and Mr Osu Sukam – what’s the difference….