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  • I Want To Visit Zach’s Farm

    Zach Galifianakis has a farm and we all should visit and maybe spend a few hours there gettin high..


  • Pope Francis Catches Little Impostor

    Pope Francis finally caught the imposter that has been going around as the Pope!


    The caption of this picture made me laugh harder than it should.

  • How To Know Your Colleagues Just Watch Shades of Grey

    Somebody snapped a photo of their colleague looking at some dildos online – probably the movie 50 Shades of Grey was too much and she just can’t stand it anymore.


  • How Not To Paint Your House Floor

    You’ve heard many times (or even had it yourself) of someone trapped himself to the corner as they painted their house floor but what about this?


  • Why Doc McStuffin is banned in this house

    Is this a good reason to ban the hit Disney show Doc McStuffin from their family viewing?


  • Appropriate Gift Idea for a Bad Golfer

    This is a really good idea for a gift to someone who is bad in golf. A custom note on the ball just like what Andy did to his.


    Well according to the guy who found this ball he only has this to say “Thanks Andy!”

  • Damn He’s Good

    You know there’s nothing worse than wearing a t-shirt that says “Damn I’m Good” and driving your expensive car into the ditch.


    Wait – there is. Getting yourself photographed in the said accident and having it spread online haha.

  • Traffic Jam Stress English-style

    A compilation video of this guy’s stress over the traffic in England. Really gives a good chuckle!


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